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Our store aims to help all individuals feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter the season. We offer a variety of pieces from sexy jewelry and swimwear to fun accent handbags. We can’t wait to see YOU in them.



Kia McFarland, Owner/Operator

VENDETTA is a fashion boutique based in Joliet, Illinois that provides trendy clothing and accessories for anyone who loves to stand out. Our company believes in creativity, being unique, and supporting all people with no limitations.

VENDETTA is ran by a qualified owner, Kia McFarland, who is committed to providing quality customer service and products that inspire confidence and self-love. Drawing from over 10+ years of being influenced by trendy fashion, VENDETTA was created to be the ultimate influencer. 


“For her persona is like an emerald—

so diversified and amplified with blemishes.” 

Kia McFarland

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